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 Laura Kariuki 



Clowns, Lovers, and Women in Pants   |   Helena, Viola, Julia  |   World Theatre Education Alliance (Beijiing, China)


The Trojan Women      |  Andromache           |   Oklahoma City University

The Bluest Eye             |  Pecola Breedlove    |   Oklahoma City University

The Submission            |  Emilie                     |   Oklahoma City University

Picnic                            | Irma Kronkite          | Oklahoma City University

Fefu and Her Friends    | Paula                       | Oklahoma City University

You Got Older              | Cowboy                   | Oklahoma City University

House of Atreus Pt. 1    | Greek Chorus          | Oklahoma City University


Oklahoma City University, BFA in Acting; Graduating May 2020   


ACTING: D. Lance Marsh (Anton Chekhov, Shakespeare), Geoff Koch (On-Camera), Bill Langan, Hal Kohlman


VOICE: Kristen Cerelli (Dialects), Kate Brennan (Linklater), Paige Grilliot Dickey, Susan Dillard


MOVEMENT: Luke Eddy (Feldenkrais), Emily Heugatter (Commedia Dell’arte)


DANCE: Alana Martin (Musical Theatre – Ann Lacy School of Dance and Entertainment/Oklahoma City University), LaTasha Hinex (Hip Hop – Oklahoma City University Pom Squad)

 Special Skills 

Stage Combat (unarmed), Proficient in Dialects, Singing: E3-F5, Conversational Swahili, Whistling, Cartwheels, Hula Hooping, Valid Driver’s License and Passport

 Download Full Resume 
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